Sunday, June 12, 2011

Nausea, Heartburn, Indigestion, Upset Stomach, DIARRHEA, Yay Pepto-Bismol

So much for sleeping in. Woke up at 6 AM on Saturday and 8 AM today. Well, 8 AM is actually the latest I’ve slept in so far, so I guess that was nice? Anyways, got up today at 8 AM to go to church. Wearing dress clothes in this weather is not really that much fun, but I’m getting used to the constant sweat on my body. Sooo, hot weather can go suck it.
The church was about a 20 minute walk away. The service started at 8:30 AM, but we ended up getting there more like 9 AM because the staff member who was taking us was doing some work around home base. We didn’t really miss anything as we walked in as Sunday school was going on. And by Sunday school, I mean Sunday school for kids and adults. There were about 6 or so of these classes going on, each group discussing the Bible and various messages of the day.
The actual service started at 9:30. It was actually really fun to watch. For once, the people weren’t looking and whispering about the white people. Everyone was at church to worship and gave it all their attention and energy. There was a lot of dancing and singing. People would stand up in the middle of songs and dance up to the front of the church. Probably about 300 people total. Basically, it was very lively, exciting, and emotional. I have a video of a little bit of the service, but there’s no way that I’ll be able to upload it. :(
So enjoy this picture instead!
The service ended at noon, but some people had plans to attend to, so we dipped out a little early at 11:30. On the way back, of course it started to rain; punishment for leaving church early no doubt. Then, right as we got back to home base, drenched, the rain stopped. Well, at least God has a sense of humor.
But that wasn’t the end of the rain. At around 1:00 PM, it started pouring. I’ve noticed lately that it’s been raining a lot more. The first week, it only rained once or twice. This past week, it’s rained at least every other day, and I’m thinking it’s only going to get worse. But I honestly don’t mind too much. The rain brings the temperature way down, and running around in the pouring rain is always refreshing. Today, I was jumping around in puddles and kicking a soccer ball with some kids while being completely drenched.
After that, it was a pretty slow day. Also, there were a lot of people missing from the house which probably accounted for that. The people who didn’t go to church were apparently craving American food. So of course, while we were at church, they did the logical thing and took a four hour bus ride to Accra, a major city in Ghana, to get some McDonalds and Starbucks! I don’t think they found them...
Speaking of food, a lot of people are having...I guess you could say digestive problems. Constipation. Urinary tract infection. Diarrhea. It’s all very fun stuff. I mean, where else can you be constipated with diarrhea while having a urinary tract infection. Ghana, duh. Pepto-Bismol  isn't really helping either.
Well, I’ve made it through two weeks now! Onto week number three. :)

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